Since the age of 14, Frida has flaunted her talents to celebrities like Kylie Minogue and Pavarotti in some of Melbourne’s trendiest restaurants. Now, Frida’s priorities and cooking have shifted to a more critical bunch… her 4 kids.

About Frida Deguise

There was one problem.

How could she work the dreaded long hours in a high-end restaurant whilst taking care of 4 kids? The answer? Sharing her talents from her home to yours online, by creating The Frida Deguise Cooking School! And of course, she must add in her comedic flare to all of her cooking videos.


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    Leonel Johnson - Restaurateur

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    Lizzie Fisher - Food Blogger

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    Mario Simson - Cookbook Author

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    Sofia Potter - Food Blogger

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    Stacy Ninov - Food Influencer

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    "Iste labore eos eum libero perspiciatis dolor"

    Travis Lorden - Chef

  • Leonela Johnson

  • Lizzie Fisher

  • Mario Simson

  • Sofia Potter

  • Stacy Ninov

  • Travis Lorden

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